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At Your Place & Misty Models

Gorgeous lovely patrons wearing and showing off their Misty Blues and paintings at your place!
Thank you so ridonculously much to all my customers, your purchases and support makes my hear soar!  I also absolutely love seeing my paintings in their new homes, it's so fantastic how different they look in their new settings. It's also super fantastic to see all beautiful homes, (my customers are interior designer delights).

Have you got a Misty painting or jewellery? Take a photo and send it over so I can show you off here too!

Kellie's Cool Bedroom (1)
Tulips in Svenssons' Snug
Prints at Pernilla's by Night
Pumpkin Patch Wreath Ghost
Market Visitor!
Sara's Art Wall
Tomtar - Art & Cake
At Ruth's
Kristin in Yellow
Art Card on String Shelf
Proud Prints at Pernilla's
Prints at Pernilla's By Night
Jewellery Tree
Winter Print Window
Pernilla rocking Orange!
Living Room Greens x3
Hanna's New Year Misty Style
Hanna & Haidars' Hallway
Lovely Lisa in blue Weirdos
Kristin's Retro Study
Love Heart Catriona
Gillian's Gorgeous Pad
Blue Tulips Earrings turned Necklace
Bedroom Blues
Misty Blue Models Times TWO!
Jenny's Lovely Living Room
Green Autumn Diamonds
Print at pernilla's Place (& Fossi)
Mait Earring
Laundry Room Art
Joe - husband & proud pin wearer
Wall of Fame
Wall of Fame
Skull Ring In Sunshine
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