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Waste Not-Watercolours

I hate waste when I craft or paint, I'm always saving paper scraps, painting trimmings, left over paint blobs & half used materials. I try to repurpose or reuse as much as possible wherever I can. One of the things I do is saving my dried up markers. Whenever I've saved up a few of the same colour, I place them cap off in a container with water. If it's a pump marker (Posca Pens) I pump the marker in the water & any other I just give a good swirl about, then leave to soak over night. The next day I take the markers out and to squeeze the last out of them, I scribble & dot the revived markers on a paper to use up the last of the colour. When the markers have finally run dry, I recycle them after having removed the tips (obviously the caps can also be recycled, but I save mine for future crafting projects). I can be a bit of a bore the saving & soaking, as well as a bit messy, but it's incredibly satisfying giving the markers a second wind. It feels so good to get another use out of the markers otherwise destined for the bin & turning them into watercolour (look how pretty the colours are)! Reuse, repurpose and recycle!

The scribbled & dotted coloured paper can be used for lots of fun things; why not use it as gift wrapping paper, use in collages or as background for painting projects.

More Waste Not, Want Not-Ideas to follow!

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1 opmerking

12 jan. 2021

Great idea, waste not want not!

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